Urban Designs: Black Knight Casino

  • DFP6002
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: 8.5"x11" Softcover
  • ISBN: 1-932414-05-3  /  978-1-932414-05-9
  • Release: 10.2005
  • Author: Brian Moseley with Anne Toole


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The Roll of the Dice!

Slots, cards, keno, bingo, race and sports wagering; we have it all. This contemporary-age luxury resort and hotel is the perfect backdrop for a night on the strip, a clandestine meeting, or a daring heist.

  • Aerial and underground maps.
  • Highly detailed grayscale floor plans.
  • Concisely described buildings and areas.
  • d20 MODERN® and SPYCRAFT® 2.0 building and NPC stats.
  • Extensive NPC backgrounds and interaction.
  • Hidden locations, points of interest, adventure hooks.

This volume includes over 80 floor plans. Player information is provided as a guest brochure. Amenities include restaurants, nightclubs, food court, pools, gymnasiums, spas, saunas, salons, shops, live stage theatre, multiplex cinema, basketball courts, miniature golf, bowling center, arcade, childcare center, convention center, and over 1,300 guest rooms and suites. An employee roster and detailed casino personalities complete the sourcebook.


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