Masterwork Maps: Strongholds and Sanctuaries

  • DFP7004
  • Pages: 32
  • Format: 8.5"x11" Softcover
  • ISBN: 1-931414-08-8  /  978-1-931414-08-0
  • Release: 09.2006
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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Fully Illustrated Medieval Fortresses!

From the heights of a mountaintop castle to the sunken depths of an underwater temple, this volume includes three highly detailed medieval fantasy strongholds.

  • Aerial and underground maps.
  • Highly detailed grayscale floor plans.
  • Concisely described buildings and areas.
  • d20 SYSTEM® 3.5 building and NPC stats.
  • Mundane and magical defenses.
  • Military garrison and patrol information.
  • Extensive background and adventure plots.

Gorthond Keep: “Worship whom you will. Respect those you must. Crush those you can. But know that this is my domain."

Vaugrox Castle: "The highland fortress is a shadow over all it surveys. Something evil and unnatural dwells within those ancient walls, and devours fools who think it doesn’t exist."

Water God's Temple: “The lagoon is a sacred oasis and I am its keeper. The soul's of the ocean's children rest here, and a storm's fury shall unleash upon those who come here with malice in their hearts."


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