Maelstrom Campaign Setting: Pantheon

  • DFP1003
  • Pages: 47
  • Format: 8.5"x11" PDF
  • Release: 12.2002
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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Maelstrom Campaign Setting

This supplement describes the pantheon and greater spirits for the world of Roil.

The pantheon includes powers of Guardianship, Elemental Air/Earth/Fire/Water, Justice, Death, Law, Commerce, Plague and Disease, Music and Poetry, Fortune and Luck, Mental Mastery, Hatred and Revenge, Combat Mastery, Magic, Chaos, Love, Gambling, War, Oceans and Seas, Nature, Thievery, Innocence and Honesty, Evil, Protection, Knowledge, Fate, Hunting and Farming.

  • 35 deities and 33 greater spirits of nature.
  • Six new prayer domains.