Masterwork Maps: Arius Villa

  • DFP1013
  • Pages: 17
  • Format: 8.5"x11" PDF
  • Release: 05.2006
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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25mm Floor Plan Collection

"I can tell you have discriminating tastes, and this villa will not disappoint. You can search the city high and low, and you wonít find a finer home for sale. This magnificent two-story villa is located in one of our cityís most desirable residential districts.

It is built to last, with granite walls and tavertine floors throughout. A grand private bathing pool, baths, and toilets are but a few of this marvelís luxuries. The center atrium basks in the sun and is lined with windows that bathe the home with natural light. There are no windows on the exterior walls to thwart burglars; ah, not that you would ever have to worry about that here."

  • Color floor plans.
  • Square and hex grid versions.
  • Overview map and room-by-room legend.

The floor plans are designed for quick, easy printing. Select the Layers for desired details to print only what you want!