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Urban Designs: New Glory Naval Base

  • DFP1021
  • Pages: 96
  • Format: 8.5"x11" PDF
  • Release: 01.2004
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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More Than Meets the Eye!

This contemporary-age installation is ideal for military espionage and reconnaissance missions, or as a commercial shipyard facility.

  • Aerial and underground maps.
  • Highly detailed grayscale floor plans.
  • Concisely described buildings and areas.
  • d20 MODERN® building and NPC stats.
  • Military routines and patrols.
  • Civilian and military background, interaction, and adventure plots.

In an era of demilitarization and downscaling, New Glory Naval Base has been lucky to survive. Now life returns to it, brushing away years of inactivity and abandonment. New facilities fill buildings long empty. The hillside tunnels remain officially closed, yet military freight carriers arrive daily. The hum of armored vehicles echoes through the woods, gunfire pierces the night, and old sailors warn that the ghosts of New Glory have never been known to be quiet. It is a new age for the relic of the past, and something stirs deep with it.