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Masterwork Maps: Caer Dowdan Moor

  • DFP1022
  • Pages: 123
  • Format: 8.5"x11" PDF
  • Release: 04.2007
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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25mm Floor Plan Collection

A forlorn structure deep in a marshy wasteland, the Dowdan ancestral home is built to withstand the dangers of the swamp. Erected solidly upon a thick foundation of stone rubble, the castle includes five towers, two of which serve as a gatehouse.

Caer Dowdan Moor rises to a height of five stories above the surrounding grasses and sedges, making the fortress the dominant presence in the peaty bog.

  • Color and grayscale floor plans.
  • Overview map and room-by-room legend.

Square or hex grid versions available separately.

The floor plans are designed for quick, easy printing. Select the Layers for desired details to print only what you want!