Temples & Shrines Floor Plans

  • DFP5031
  • Format: HTML
  • Release: 04.2002
  • Author: Brian Moseley


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Floor Plan Collection

This electronic book is compiled in HTML and viewed with an internet browser. It includes 47 floor plans of 30 medieval fantasy religious structures.

  • Low-ink square-grid floor plans.
  • Thumbnail galleries.
  • Concisely described areas and buildings.
  • Map legend.

The floor plans are designed for quick, easy, and economical printing by scaling and printing with any art program.

  1. Load the desired floor plan from the "5031_temples_shrines/images" folder.
  2. Marquee select and copy an area 7 squares wide by 9 squares high.
  3. Paste the copied selection as a new image.
  4. Select these printer Page Setup options:
  5. Margins 0.75" right/left, 1.0" top/bottom.
  6. Orientation to Portrait.
  7. Scaling to "Fit to Page".
  8. Print the floor plan.